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It all began in 2007 with neighbors Sydney Seligman and Mason and Gavin Merin rummaging through their pantry and fridge to host a lemonade stand. That day, they raised over $100. The young entrepreneurs wanted to give the money to a cause that had impacted their lives and decided to donate their earnings to those affected by breast cancer. That year, our story was shared with the hospital’s community and inspired a wave of donations. Energized by seeing the gratification that comes with helping others, the original “kids” were joined the next year by Haley and Lexey Seligman and a number of classmates and friends.


Each year, the numbers of volunteers multiply and dozens of local children and teens are involved in running the lemonade stand. The best part? The entire operation is run solely by kids. From planning events to orchestrating meetings, t-shirt designs to treat selection, even deciding exactly where the funds go—the enterprise is entirely in the hands of the kids!


Nearly a decade and a half later, Lexey Seligman considers this experience to have had a huge impact on her values and goals, stating “In the future, I hope to become a nurse. I think Kids Taking a Stand has affected my career choice in a big way. After seeing what people with cancer go through, I really want to help and care for people who are sick.”


Hosting a small lemonade stand in the yard has turned into something that touches so many, year after year. Longtime member Brooke Davis reflected on this experience, saying “the past has positively affected my life and it is great to be a part of something so big. It’s exciting to see the younger kids getting involved. It proves to me that this is a wonderful cause and will continue on for years to come.”


Funds raised have been given in support of several local programs including St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation COPE Program.


For more information, or to get involved, please contact Kidstakingastand@gmail.com 


Kristi Seligman 

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